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From second thoughts to a first-rate dream...

The Philippines has a lot to offer... now more than ever.

Choosing a destination from among its 7,107 islands can prove to be challenging, often daunting.

We offer a simple solution. Go straight to the courtry's heart. And turn those second thoughts to a first-rate dream.

...Marinduque -The Heart of the Philippines...

CBRT Projects
  • Mt. Malindig Mountaineering Program
  • Tres Reyes Islands
  • Luzon Datum
  • Paadjao Falls
  • Tamayo "Isla del Carmen Mangrove Eco-tour"

Marinduque Day

Balik - Tanaw sa Kasaysayan ng Marinduque

February 20 - 23 (Provincial)

Kangga Festival

Feast of san Isidro Labrador

May 13 - 15 (Mogpog)

Battle of Paye

An encounter over by Filipino soldiers during the Fil-Am War.

July 31 (Boac)

Luzon Datum

Unveiling of the Centennial Historical Marker

August 09 (Mogpog)

Feast of Saint Claire

August 11 (Boac)

Feast of Assumption

Piyesta ni Inang Oyang

August 15 (Boac)

Gasan Day

Events: Layag ko to, Kalesayahan and search for BB.Gasan

August 18-20 (Gasan)

Battle of Pulang-lupa

Historical event during the Philippine-American War

September 13 (Torrijos)

Feast of Immaculate Concepcion

The patron saint in the Municipality of Boac, Bila-bila Festival

December 08 (Boac)


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